Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pho'Nomenal 7504 N May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 608-4151

When I saw the sign for Pho'Nomenal I said "another Pho place..hmmmm..". Wow.. its not just another Pho place!!

Having lived in Okinawa Japan for 2 years, I was exposed to fantastic international cuisine thats been almost impossible to find the states. Pho'Nomenal is one of 3 places in OKC that gets about as close to true Asian cuisine as your going to get in my opinion. I used to live there. :)

The vermicelli bowls are outstanding and the Pho soup bowls are some of the best in the State of Oklahoma. Ive eaten a lot of Pho in my lifetime and the broth at Pho'Nomenal is superb. The greens are always fresh and the noodles are always perfect. The rice plates are a specialty there and if your not an adventurous diner, these are a always a safe bet.

The extensive menu boasts a large selection of both Vietnamese and Chinese favorites and is some of the freshest and most perfectly cooked food in OKC. This restaurant is kid friendly and is also a great place to take a date. Dont miss out on this dining experience!!


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