Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant & Pub 9610 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120

My friend Tim and I have probably eaten here between 10-12 times and I can safely say at this point that its the ONLY place in OKC I have NEVER had a negative experience. Never.

As you step in to the "quaint little Irish Pub" you quickly find out is it warm, friendly and like you just walked into a 200 year old watering hole in the outskirts of Dublin. The room decor is original and refreshingly authentic looking and is far from a cookie cutter "themed" eatery.

The menu at Sean Cummings is definitely about as authentic as your going to get this far from the old country. For starters, the Guinness Wings are spicy, tangy, made fresh to order and brought to the table piping hot! They are some of the best spicy chicken wings you will ever eat!
The fish and chips are to die for. Fantastically breaded and cooked to perfection always (I know because Ive had them about 6 times!). The bangers and mash (Irish Pork Sausage and Mashed Potatoes) are a must have at least once in your life and the Shepperd's Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage are incredible.
The pub boasts a full service bar. They of course serve Guinness Stout and have several other tasty beers on tap. My favorite beer at the pub is Hornsby's Hard Cider for the true non-beer drinker! Very delicious and served ice cold always!
The pub boasts authentic Irish musical entertainment usually on the weekends. When I first heard that I shuttered thinking I would but stuffed into a small area having my eardrums assaulted by loud annoying local groups trying to make a go their own renditions of live rock music. Boy was I pleasantly surprised when I arrived! Sean Cummings brings in diverse and vastly talented groups of performers, all which keep within the genre of the true Irish Spirit. I have seen bagpipes, folk singers and true Celtic musical groups singing traditional songs which have all been MOST fun and enjoyable. Performers usually involve audience members who wish to sing along and tell an occasional Catholic/Irish joke. :) I'm Catholic and I loved it!
No matter how broad or picky your taste buds may be, there is something for everyone at Sean Cummings Irish Pub! YOU MUST GIVE IT A TRY!
This pub is ALSO very kid friendly!


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