Friday, November 20, 2009

Red PrimeSteak 504 N Broadway Oklahoma City, OK 73103

"Best Happy Hour in Oklahoma City"

We were passing thru Downtown OKC and happened upon this true dining experience and had honestly only stopped in for a drink. Little did I know I was in for a dining experience I would never forget!

The modern, stylish decor might make you think you need to be in "Black Tie" apparel but nothing could be further from the truth! The welcoming and polite staff never once groused that I was in blue jeans and a sweat top (we hadn't expected to find this awesome place) and the bartender Josh was VERY knowledged on every item I quizzed him on about both taste and style. By the way Josh, your dirty martini is now on my "to die for list". :) Their selection of what they consider their "well liquors" epitomizes the phrase "top shelf". The hours of Red PrimeSteak's Happy Hour is a generous 4:30 to 7 pm, long after other bistros have stopped the fun!

Happy Hour at Red PrimeSteak is exactly what I would have expected from what was voted one of the Top 10 Steakhouses in the United States !! I certainly see why! The drinks are not watered down, cut rate priced typical fares at a usual happy hour. NO SIR. They are the same expertly throw cocktail drinks you get at any time. They offer delectable "Tapa" styled hors d'oeuvres that are offered for a mere $3.00 a plate!! (I almost thought I was reading it wrong) After viewing the price, I expected a half toastlet with .876 oz of actual meat on it. NO SIR! We were delighted as a full size plate of Beef Tenderloin Crostini with Mayfair Blue Cheese was presented along with a large serving of Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Crusted Chicken skewers. More than generous portions obviously prepared and cooked by a Iron Chef level culinary artist. I do mean artist when you see that the food is as beautifully well plated as it is unforgettably delicious. I sat in my jeans and sweat top and dined liked "A" list Hollywood royalty and had only stopped by for nothing more than my usual Crown and Coke.

"Worth every penny"

My mothers father, Tom Conway, (god rest his soul!) was probably the first and assuredly the most "opinionated" connoisseur of "fine dining" in my life. He taught me that nothing is more insulting than to spend good money on bad food. At Red PrimeSteak you wont ever have that issue. Being visually dazzled by the modern decor and the floor to ceiling wire rack wall with 300 types of wine, one might think dinner is about to run you $200 bucks for 2 people like it would at the Boulevard or the Ranch Steakhouse. I was astonished on the low price of the 14 oz 40 Day Dry Aged Rib eye or the 18 oz Dry Aged Bone-in Strip. Most places in the U.S. that take their time to age meat in a climate controlled environment charge upwards of $65.00 to $120.00 a plate. At Red PrimeSteak it is a moderate price of only $43.00 a plate. This, other than the Cold Water Lobster tail looks to be the most expensive thing on the menu and from what I experienced is the BEST thing on the menu and should not be overlooked.

As long as I have lived in the OKC area, I have never dined at a place as well organized, beautifully designed and with a staff that was fully knowledged on every aspect of the menu I questioned anyone about. The owner and managers at Red PrimeSteak certainly run a tight ship and the food and service show every bit of it!

I would like to certainly like to bid my condolences to The Boulevard in Edmond and The Ranch Steakhouse in Oklahoma City. I'm sorry to see you go old friends, but you have not only been replaced in my heart, you have seriously been outdone! BRAVO Red PrimeSteak!!


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nic's Grill 1201 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Eating at Nic's has far exceeded the description of a taste explosion, it is now classified as a spiritual experience! Even though by the size of this place it can certainly described as a "hole in the wall", the taste and enjoyment of everything on the menu is paramount to eating at a $10 burger joint!

Nic has always done all the cooking each time I have been there. He is a expert grill cook (I mean EXPERT). Nothing is ever overcooked burned or partially raw. Its PERFECT. You should NOT miss the breakfast at Nic's because it is better than just about anything on earth (for breakfast!)

They serve gourmet thick cut bacon, cooked fabulously well and the eggs and potatoes literally melt in your mouth! The prices are just as good as the food, serving up mouth watering meals at decent low price!

The burgers at Nic's have been described by some as "the best burger in town" and that is no lie! A few onion burger places in town soured me from "fresh grill style" burgers due to under cooking, overcooking and sloppy presentation. Nic's grill fulfills all the wants and needs of the hungry lunch eater! DON'T MISS THIS PLACE, its unbelievable!

Note: When going to Nic's for lunch, he usually has a line OUT THE DOOR for lunch! Have enough time to wait , order and take it back to work!! It truly is a religious experience!


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama E's Wings and Waffles 3838 Springlake Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73111

If and when we finally colonize the moon, Mama E's needs to open a location there! This place came to my attention when they were advertising in town to be present for the filming of Diners Drive Ins and Dives. I'm so disgusted I missed it!

The fare at this place is both delicious and definitely unique! The wings and waffles are truly the BEST item on the menu, but there is the mac & cheese, well... then maybe the baked chicken... FABULOUS! Its to eat here and only choose one thing! It all sounds so good you want to try it all!

The reverend and his family own and run Mama E's and he makes a waffle that is so good I don't even know where to begin to describe it! Creamy, delicious, melt in your mouth experience! I could have have eaten 3 waffles. The wings on top are breaded to an astute perfection and are cooked to perfection (not overcooked at all). Its all served with powdered sugar on top.
While I was in awe of the flavor and flair of the wings and waffles, I then tasted the baked chicken and dressing along with the greens and beans. No one can cook greens like Mama E's. they were tender, buttery and OH SO GOOD!
If your watching your cholesterol and fat intake, Mama E's is not for you! If your watching your FLAVOR intake, GO NOW, you wont regret it! Everyone in OKC needs to try Mama E's for good down home southern cooking!


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Humble Pie Pizzeria 1319 S Broadway Edmond, Ok

I have only 3 words for this place! FAB-U-LOUS! Humble Pie Pizzeria is probably one of the first places Ive been that I was so pleasantly surprised by EVERYTHING that it took me a few days to write this! First off, the atmosphere and decor. The fun black and white photos of Chicago and New York are very fun and make the the decor seem very homey and not "repetitive". The dollar bills hanging from ceiling are a really fun and unique concept. I should have asked the waitress how many people have tried to "snatch" them from up there!

Ive eaten pizza from Maryland to Missouri, from Omaha to Okinawa. I have always said Old Chicago Pizza was the best I had ever had. It was until NOW. Any educated pizza connoisseur will tell you its not about the toppings, its ALL IN THE CRUST! Humble Pie's crust is risen at least twice, is crispy, cooked perfectly and is light and airy inside! This crust was not only COOKED perfectly it was prepared perfectly. Not an easy feat. The toppings were generously piled on and cooked to perfection!

On top of the unbelievably good pizza, the service was top notch, the waitress filled are drinks faster than we could empty them and was friendly and funny to boot!

Homer Simpson said it best..MMMMM BEEERRRRR! Tuesday nights is the night to be at Humble Pie for buy one beer, get one free! The beer selection was only outdone by the fantastic low price! They had a very nice selection of foreign and domestics that were served ice cold!

Everyone in Oklahoma city needs to give Humble Pie Pizzeria a try. I guarantee you wont regret it!


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