Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pho'Nomenal 7504 N May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 608-4151

When I saw the sign for Pho'Nomenal I said "another Pho place..hmmmm..". Wow.. its not just another Pho place!!

Having lived in Okinawa Japan for 2 years, I was exposed to fantastic international cuisine thats been almost impossible to find the states. Pho'Nomenal is one of 3 places in OKC that gets about as close to true Asian cuisine as your going to get in my opinion. I used to live there. :)

The vermicelli bowls are outstanding and the Pho soup bowls are some of the best in the State of Oklahoma. Ive eaten a lot of Pho in my lifetime and the broth at Pho'Nomenal is superb. The greens are always fresh and the noodles are always perfect. The rice plates are a specialty there and if your not an adventurous diner, these are a always a safe bet.

The extensive menu boasts a large selection of both Vietnamese and Chinese favorites and is some of the freshest and most perfectly cooked food in OKC. This restaurant is kid friendly and is also a great place to take a date. Dont miss out on this dining experience!!


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Good Eats in OKC Oklahoma City restaurants

The Upper Crust in Classen Curve 5860 N Classen Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Upper Crust, located in the new super chic area known as "Classen Curve" is as upscale as a pizza joint can get. I was skeptical when it first opened but I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh ingredients, the unique eats other than pizza and the repeatedly good service.

Starting out, you must have the Anti-Pizza Plate. I actually crave this dish! Delicious cheeses, gourmet italian snack meats, salad, olives and flat bread. Its almost a meal itself. After this, order up a custom artisan pizza made to order and fresh.

The selection of beer and bar drinks is extensive and they house a large wine cellar that is temperature and humidity comtrolled to insure the integrity of the stored vintages.

Whether your taking the kids out after the ball game or trying to inpress your boss or date, Upper Crust is a far better alternative than the burgers and much nicer than a run-of-the-mill pizza parlor. CHECK IT OUT!!


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