Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nic's Grill 1201 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Eating at Nic's has far exceeded the description of a taste explosion, it is now classified as a spiritual experience! Even though by the size of this place it can certainly described as a "hole in the wall", the taste and enjoyment of everything on the menu is paramount to eating at a $10 burger joint!

Nic has always done all the cooking each time I have been there. He is a expert grill cook (I mean EXPERT). Nothing is ever overcooked burned or partially raw. Its PERFECT. You should NOT miss the breakfast at Nic's because it is better than just about anything on earth (for breakfast!)

They serve gourmet thick cut bacon, cooked fabulously well and the eggs and potatoes literally melt in your mouth! The prices are just as good as the food, serving up mouth watering meals at decent low price!

The burgers at Nic's have been described by some as "the best burger in town" and that is no lie! A few onion burger places in town soured me from "fresh grill style" burgers due to under cooking, overcooking and sloppy presentation. Nic's grill fulfills all the wants and needs of the hungry lunch eater! DON'T MISS THIS PLACE, its unbelievable!

Note: When going to Nic's for lunch, he usually has a line OUT THE DOOR for lunch! Have enough time to wait , order and take it back to work!! It truly is a religious experience!


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